Sellbuy Agent for menual trader, system trader, semi-auto trader.



Sellbuy Agent for menual trader, System trader, Semi-auto trader.
It’s unlimited vision for free.


Thirteen Reasons to use SELLBUY AGENT.

1. Faster and Easier order opening and pedding orders.
2. Visual pannel for faster stoploss and takeprofits.
3. Visual pannel for TrailingStop and BreakEven.
4. Easily find order position.
5. Risk-based entry lot Calculates automatically.
6. Three auto closing modes ( TP and SL, Cross ema, Earn pip ).
7. Auto order opening modes.
( Cross ema signal, Can be added )
8. Automatically, Multi position auto closing function.
9. Only signal notification mode, include mobile push.
10. New candle notification mode ,include mobile push.
11. Fully automatic EA mode ( Use filter ).
12. Makeup your system trading style.
13. Helps to develop your system trading.

Template Features :
1. installed Sellbuy Agent EA.
1. View current spread information.
2. View Pip distance information.
3. View signal arrow moving average.

If this program have a bug or want a signal or suggestion, please send an email.

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